AMRON BACKREST SnB - for Sofa seat & bed
House wives, Children & Senior Citizen are major victims of backache because of wrong sitting posture while watching television, slouched on a Sofa, Couch or Bed. It is practically impossible to sit in the right posture on a sofa or bed unless you use the “S n B” model of AMRON backrest. AMRON Back Rest S ‘n’ B is very useful for Pregnant women’s aching back.

How to Select AMRON Backrest
AMRON Backrest is available in 4 models. Appropriate model should be chosen according to the place of usage. “Executive” is suitable for executive seats & car seats, “S ‘n’ B” for sofa seat & bed, “Mini” for dining chair & garden chair, & “Regular” is suitable for general use. Model “Regular” is available in 4 sizes. The size of “Regular” model should be chosen according to the height of the user.
Thumb rule is : more the height, smaller the size.
Ergonomic Shape
Scientific Design
PU Foam
Adjustable Belt
Washable Cover
Available In Two Colours
Available in universal size
Available in Grey color
  Height : 13.5 x Width : 15 inches