Scar is a mark of that is left after wound healing. Scar can be formed after burns, injuries and surgeries or can be ideopathic. These Scars do not good cosmetically addition if not taken case of abnormal growth occurs on scars, which results in Hypertrophic Scars and Keloids. Prevention & Management of scars has been a challenge for the medical fraternity. Also, because of lack of awareness, patients ask medical help only after the scars have worsened & developed hypertrophic scars & keloids. The older the scar the more difficult it is to treat. Amron Silicone Gel Sheet is a boon for such cases.
AMRON Silicone Gel Sheet is a smooth sheet of Medical Silicone Gel. One of its surfaces is gently adhesive and there is reinforcement on the other surface. The gel sheet is used with the adhesive surface touching the affected skin. The adhesive surface also helps in keeping the gel sheet in place and the reinforcement on the other surface provides strength. The reinforced surface is soft enough to maintain good flexibility and contouring.
Made up of Medical Grade Silicone Gel
Prompt Relief From Itchy & Uncomfortable Feeling
Reduce Scar Tissue & Pigmentation
Easy To Apply
No Side Effect.
Available in 3 pre cut sizes
• 10 X 10 cm
• 3.5 X 15 cm
• 4.5 X 11 cm
AMRON Silicone Gel Sheet is used for effective prevention and treatment of Hypertrophic Scarring and Keloids due to Burns, Injuries, Surgeries or Ideopathic.