AMRON BACKREST REGULAR - for all types of office chairs
An average person spends 60% of his day “sitting”, especially in office. Even the best & expensive office chairs are not ergonomic. People who are software professionals, BPO employees, banks employees etc. have long working hours. They generally tend to sit in wrong sitting posture. Wrong Sitting posture puts 7 times more stress on the low back. AMRON Backrest regular has a unique design with extra wings at the sides for support is an ideal product for regular office chairs.
How to Select AMRON Backrest
AMRON Backrest is available in 4 models. Appropriate model should be chosen according to the place of usage. “Executive” is suitable for executive seats & car seats, “S ‘n’ B” for sofa seat & bed, “Mini” for dining chair & garden chair, & “Regular” is suitable for general use. Model “Regular” is available in 4 sizes. The size of “Regular” model should be chosen according to the height of the user.
Thumb rule is : more the height, smaller the size.
Ergonomic Shape
Scientific Design
PU Foam
Adjustable Belt
Washable Cover
Available In Two Colours
Available in 4 sizes. (S,M, L, XL)
Available in Beige & Grey color
AMRON Backrest REGULAR comes in 4 sizes.
AMRON Backrest REGULAR dimensions :
SMALL : Height : 12 x Width : 16 x Depth : 2 inches
MEDIUM: Height : 12.5 x Width : 16 x Depth : 2.5 inches
LARGE : Height : 12.5 x Width : 16 x Depth : 3.5 inches
XLARGE : Height : 12.5 x Width : 16 x Depth : 4 inches