AMRON Backrest BIKER'S is the perfect solution for this problem. It not only makes you sit in the right posture but also supports your lower back. It's Semi-Rigid design supports your back without hurting it. The three layered fused side panels and short elastic bands give it a very snug fitting & keep a tight grip on your back. The composite back of BIKER'S with closed cell foam, cushioned support & the specially developed “TSFS”(Twin Spring Flex Splints) utilizes the bio-mechanical forces of your body to make it a perfect protection for your lower back.
Scientifically designed & ergonomically crafted
Semi Rigid Design
Short Elastic : Snug Fit
Special Fused Composite Back
With “Twin Spring Flex Splints
Back - Ache : The Problem
Prolonged sitting in bad sitting posture while working, driving or relaxing is the most common cause of back ache. If the sitting posture is corrected, back ache can be prevented in a number of cases and prevention of back ache is certainly better, more effective and more economical than its treatment.
Back - Ache : The Cause
Indian Two wheeler drivers are at a very high risk of injuring their back & suffering from Back-Ache. While driving a two wheeler the driver is sitting without a support to his back, The back is arched in a “C” shape, shock-absorbers of most of the bikes do not absorb shock perfectly and most importantly “The Pothole Ridden Indian Roads”. It is a readymade recipe for Back-Ache.
Waist (Inches)
28.0 - 32.0
70.0 - 80.0
32.0 - 36.0
80.0 - 90.0
36.0 - 40.0
90.0 - 100.0
40.0 - 44.0
100.00 - 110.0